MYN garment sizing is based on your physical measurements together with each individual garment’s intended use. Please refer carefully to the sizing guides below (also visible on each product page) and check our fitting guide for more information on selecting the right size for you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have on fit so please contact us.

To start with, MYN uses European standard fitting guidelines
MYN garments are sized against the athlete’s physical dimensions and optimized for the intended use of the product. For example, when you pull our cycling garments out of the bag they will look like something for a child. Our cycling clothing stretches a lot to achieve a ripple free fit and it needs to fit snugly to give you a 20+ watt saving. If your chest size says you should be a L you should be a L however if you want a more casual fit – go up a size. A non performance piece will come out the bag much more like your tee shirt size. This makes a looser (possibly more flattering) fit but you lose performance.

For cycling gear, winter jackets are sized to fit over a long sleeve base layer and vests (gilets) are designed to fit over jerseys. Waterproof and windproof jackets are designed to fit over a jersey and warmers.

Casual and active wear clothes are designed to fit comfortably, but ensure you purchase your size based on the product page size guide.

Remember it is the intended use that dictates the fit and “snugness”.

Lastly don’t expect to be a medium in MYN just because you are a medium in fashion size who often use vanity sizing. We use Italian/EU sport sizing so please always adhere to the size guide and the information provided above.

For items made with DWR fabric – normally found in bib knickers or winter tights – the fit feels tighter than normal. The size doesn’t change but this particular fabric gives a sense of compression that disappears after wearing it for 10 min. But if you know already that you don’t like a compression feeling we suggest you to order one size larger.