CIRCLE – Short Sleeve Jersey


CIRCLE is a seamless short sleeve cycling jersey with a flush collar and two rear pockets.

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CIRCLE is a jersey of fantastic performance, best suited for summer days. The collar is flush to eliminate tanning lines. In the first part of the black collar, the jersey has a very open-net design to facilitate drying. The neck is one of the highest area of sweating. You will appreciate the practicality of the material just by wearing it. The open-net design continues over the entire jersey, and stops to return to full fabric only in the breast and back pockets. This particular style makes this article extremely lightweight. The polypropylene and the elastomer on the inside of the jersey, gives it a unique fit and comfort. The sleeves are short, feminine style, and the back pockets are adorned with a MYN braded button. It can be used with just a sports bra or a knitted undershirt, preferably sleeveless, given the short sleeve design. A jersey that finally manages to be extremely feminine even without the color pink in it.

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