SNOBYLS – Long sleeve jersey


Snoby with long sleeves. The fabric has an open-net design only in the upper most rear part of the neck. Two rear pockets.

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The jersey features a color arrangement opposite to that of Snoby short-sleeve. We increased the amount of black, to compensate for those seasonal, winter “love handles”. The front and back features a gapless soft fabric, to shelter you from the cold and keep you warm. In the rear, we placed two comfortable pockets and logoed MYN buttons. The sleeves feature micro-perforated fabric to balance the overall body temperature. It sports a long frontal zipper with a covered hinge on the neck, for a soft closure.

Between Us… SNOBYLS wears comfortably throughout the year. In hot climates, SNOBYLS UV treatment provides shelter from excessive sun exposure. Wear it over our Sport Top to keep your skin dry. If at the end of a strenuous workout, you find SNOBYLS soggy and your skin dry, it is completely normal. That was our goal, when we chose this type of fabric. SNOBYLS optimal temperature range is during autumn or spring. Ideal when worn over an undershirt, or, if temperatures drop, with our other MYN products, such as the vest, pants, and leg warmers. Not only will you be visually appealing, you will feel as if this material is “one” with your skin. The rear pocket is suited perfectly for storing your cellphone. Once again, MYN has managed to create the perfect article to wear while running, walking, bicycling, at the gym or at yoga, without sacrificing femininity or appeal.

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